3 Must Watch TED Talks!

Hey hey!

So as a bit of an introduction to me, and something you may find interesting, I bring to you 3 Ted Talks that I truly enjoy and revisit when I feel a bit lost, or a touch bored, or just because. For all three of these videos I am sure I contributed to at least a third of the views.

1.)  “Perspective is Everything” Speaker- Rory Sutherland

Probably my favorite Ted Talk of all time, by a person I truly look up to professionally, Rory Sutherland. Sutherland is Vice Chairman at Ogilvy Group and is also the author of The Wiki Man an editorial piece at The Spectator. An early proponent of behavioral economics and applying it into real life situations with honest, and refreshing perspective meets funny banter in this Ted Talk.

I have always tried to look at things from multiple perspectives or try to understand situations from different angles, and this Ted Talk not only cemented idea seeds that I started to plant but drove me, and continues to drive me, to think about creative and often simpler ways to approach problem solving.

If you walk away from this Ted Talk with nothing else, you’ll walk away with a cool historic marketing story or two that you can dazzle someone with, granted that they weren’t apart of the two thirds that indulged in this talk as well. Then, you’re plagiarizing without citing.

Sutherland has done many Ted Talks, this is the first one I have ever watched, but all of them are great. So if you have the time, cruise through them.

2.) “The Museum of Four in the Morning”  Speaker- Rives.

This Ted Talk by Rives, an artist and spoken word poet, tells a story that brings him on and his audience on a roller coaster  that starts with familiarity and ends with quiet “extravagance.”

I really fell in love with this story because it is a story of what it feels like to wander or translates what I feel like it means to be curious. A roller coaster that starts off with a question, and before you know it or realize it, you are onto the spiral of the mundane and hilarity. Then it starts to slow down, and you recognize a stop, an answer to your question.

This is actually the second part to Rives’ older Ted Talk, pre-answer, called “The 4am Mystery”. Which you should probably watch before this just because of the tone is very different. More along the vibe of “I have a question, I need an answer.. but look how cool this stuff is!” Then again this IS a list of three, and four is a pretty awkward list. So am I cheating here? Don’t say anything, just watch.

Other places to find Rives are his website and his spoken word poetry on YouTube.

3.) “5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams” Speaker- Bel Pesce

For when you’re in a rut, for when you’re hitting a wall in life, for when you need a reality check, this Ted Talk does the trick for me. Bel Pesce, a former MIT graduate from Brazil, CEO and founder of FazINOVA, an online education site as well as an author to three best selling books in Brazil, her credentials are a mile long. Pesce gives a short talk about the things we need to do to kill our dreams.

Obviously, we don’t want that but its a little bit of sarcasm, which is why I love it. Pesce is funny and has great energy, and when I’m hitting a wall it’s exactly what I need. There is nothing new or ground breaking within the points themselves, at least for most of us. We know that things take time, and we need to be gritty to achieve goals. But a reminder is sometimes needed.

Reminding you, “DUH, it’s fine. You’ll figure it out.”

If you got it this far, thanks a bunch for reading! And if you watched any of these, I hope they were enjoyable. If you happen to have any Ted Talks you really love, I would be super excited to watch them, so let me know!



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